Akrete Welcomes John Pappas as Senior Vice President

John Pappas has joined Akrete as senior vice president, focusing on client service, strategy and delivery for several key financial services and commercial real estate clients. John, who is based in Philadelphia, brings more than 20 years of B2B public …

Akrete Names Nicole Stenclik President

Nicole Stenclik, a 17-year public relations industry veteran, has been named the first president of Akrete. Stenclik has been a member of Akrete’s leadership team for six years, spearheading media strategies for many of the firm’s largest commercial real estate

Akrete Named #3 PR Firm in Real Estate Finance and Development

The 2023 O’Dwyer’s Public Relations News rankings are out! Akrete is proud to be named the #3 PR firm in the U.S. in the real estate finance and development category. We’d like to thank all of our loyal clients who …

Akrete Insights: SVB Crisis and the Media Response

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has sent reverberations across a variety of industries —and in particular, for the media covering it.  Akrete’s Media Research team has compiled a comprehensive Media Analysis Report that includes a blow-by-blow breakdown of events.

Evertreen Campaign

Akrete has partnered with Evertreen to plant 3,000 trees in Kenya, Brazil and Honduras! The Akrete trees will produce oxygen, remove CO2 from the atmosphere, prevent soil erosion, create an ecosystem for animals and plants and create work for local …