Join Our Award-Winning Team

Are you a curious, thoughtful and creative professional who’s innately driven to make an impact? We’re always looking for resourceful, collaboration-loving experts to consider for future positions.  We offer a high-performance culture, where we value work-life balance because we know it makes us stronger—no apologies.

Any open positions are listed below, but we always welcome proactive outreach from rising communications stars with five or more years of experience. Please send us an email at [email protected] with your resume and a cover letter for consideration.

Akrete does not have any open positions at this time, and we do not hire with less than five years of experience (please do not send resumes for internships or entry level work). Thank you for your interest!


Akrete is the country’s #2 independent PR firm for real estate finance and development, and we’re growing rapidly in the workplace, financial services and professional services industries as well. As a member of Team Akrete, you will join a high-performing, non-traditional, innately flexible national team that values results over “time visible at your desk” and excels in creating and promoting complex content. As a group, we are curious, creative and thoughtful. We value media results, powerful content, intelligence, hard work, diversity and the unique skills each individual brings to the table.

You’ll be part of a senior team and unique culture that is simultaneously fiercely independent and decidedly collaborative. We all work where and when it makes sense—always have, since 2011—including sometimes in our homes, and sometimes in our Industrious offices in Chicago’s tallest building, Willis Tower, at our main headquarters in Evanston, IL, or in New York, Boston or Los Angeles. Additionally, many of our team members work primarily or 100% from home offices around the country.

Before applying, please read this article published by the Forbes Agency Council by our CEO, and learn more about our culture. Our team is comprised of both 1099 contractors who work less than 40 hours per week and full-time W2 employees.