Akrete Communications is about growth—your business, your network, your impact.  Founded by Margy Sweeney in April 2011, Akrete is a consultancy specializing in business storytelling: writing, social media, public relations and communications strategy.

Akrete Communications can help you plan, create and repurpose and promote content that delights your audience and wins mindshare.  We help strong ideas come alive through strategic thinking and strong writing – in-print, on-line and on-screen.

Thanks for visiting Team Akrete’s website, home to our nationwide team of writers, public and media relations pro’s, marketing mavens, ghost bloggers and otherwise content-and-media-savvy folks who make it all happen.

We invite you to learn more about who we are, how we can help your organization grow —or to sign up for our blog  with our musings on Place and Business Growth.

Looking for more?

Reach us via phone at 312-612-0343, email or social media. Margy (margy@akretecommunications.com), Renata (renata@akretecommunications.com) or any of our other team members are here to brainstorm, in any time zone.

What’s it like to work with Team Akrete?

See one take on the Akrete client experience, from Haley McDill, one of our Summer 2014 interns:

akrete tea

“That’s my cup of tea.” We’ve all heard the saying, most of us have probably used it once or twice. The beauty of this saying is that it means something different to everyone, because everyone has their own perfect “cup of tea.”

What makes something the perfect cup you ask? It’s the culmination of just the right ingredients to delight and impress. Through a mixture of the basic necessities and unique additives, the ingredients that make up Akrete Communications mesh together and just might form your perfect cup of “Communications Tea.”

Professional Expertise

Expertise and experience is the foundation of Akrete—it’s the first and most essential aspect of our business. Our professional expertise is the hot water that is necessary to brew that perfect cup of tea. Team Akrete is made up of more than 10 PR professionals all with significant experience, specified industry knowledge and creativity.

Accretion (Or should we say ‘Akretion’?)

Accretion, the word after which Akrete was named, is another fundamental ingredient in the recipe. Meaning “the process of growth or increase,” accretion is a vital part of our model. We use communications to help our clients’ businesses grow.

Creative-Forward Thinking

In today’s business world, creativity is a necessity. Akrete views creativity as another opportunity for growth. Our firm is on the cusp of business-to-business social media innovation, by creating and promoting our clients’ content in creative, new ways. We are proactive in helping to open doors for our clients that competitors in their respective fields have yet to push through.

Collaboration and Teamwork

Akrete is based on a culture of teamwork. Not only do we create a collaborative environment between ourselves and our clients, but we endorse collaboration through our own work environment. Our office is actually more of a “landing pad” and is located inside a business incubator (CoLab Evanston) in Evanston, Illinois, which enables us to work cooperatively in every aspect of our business, despite the fact that our team members live and work all over the country. Collaboration and teamwork align with many of our core valued. In particular, we value achieving results while offering a healthy work-life balance for our team members. At Akrete, we strive to allow our team to thrive in all aspects of life. Constant collaboration and teamwork is a vital part of success in that endeavor.


Akrete is a strong proponent of corporate social responsibility. Many of our clients uphold a standard of environmental sustainability and have clear CSR and environmental sustainability, corporate goals and values. Much of our work has a positive impact for our clients and for the planet by sharing best practices in carbon footprint reduction and sustainability with national audiences.

Personal Touch

The personal touch provided by our team to our clients is our very own secret ingredient. Thanks to Akrete’s business model and our dedication to client relationships, each of our clients receive special attention and personal interaction with our teams, always led by senior professionals. Our ability to create resolute and trustworthy connections between our team members and each of our clients is something many of our clients cite as unique. This is what makes Akrete, Akrete—it’s the tea leaves that make us the perfect cup of tea.

By Haley McDill

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