We speak Tech.  And English, too.

Technology has its own language; yet, to grow a technology business, it’s necessary to communicate complex concepts to general business audiences. Your big ideas deserve exceptional storytellers who can navigate—and in turn help you advance—the global technology discourse, connecting you with innovators and investors who get excited by the potential of your technology and its future. Our tech-savvy consultants convert technical topics into powerful business success stories, compelling blogs and inspiring thought leadership.

It’s not just the tech industry that needs to communicate technical concepts. Technology is a current that runs through every business; many times the creative campaigns we develop for other industries highlight innovative uses of technology that drive business results.

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Recent Work:

Sought-after consultants have sought-after thinking, but they don’t always have time to write it all down. Akrete helps make consulting blogs and marketing case studies impactful.



Clients, Delighted:

 “One of Akrete’s strengths really is their expertise writing in a relatively technical audience in B2B marketing. That’s what I haven’t been able to find, even with other firms that say that they specialize in that. A couple of years ago I was working with a writer recommended to me by a global technology company…but the quality was not as good. Akrete is really good at learning about the subject matter and appealing to my specific audience of B2B technology business people.”
~ Blair Hannah, (formerly of) Burwood Group (Chicago, Illinois)




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