Renata Pasmanik

Senior Consultant, Marketing and Events



A marketing and events professional with a 20+ year record of success, Renata has a diverse background within the marketing realm. Her work centers on creating, maintaining and growing brands through their websites, social media, special events, multimedia and direct mail. Prior to joining the Akrete team, her background included over 15 years with a real estate developer as their Director of Programs and a career in film and video production with programs such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Harpo Productions and Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.  On top of being a marketing guru, Renata also is a trilingual Zumba instructor. To find out more about Renata check out her Q&A, below.  


 Q&A with Renata Pasmanik

How long have you been working with Akrete?

I’ve been working with Team Akrete since May 2014, but I’ve worked with Margy for over 6 years. Having such a positive history with Margy made joining Team Akrete an easy decision.  Before I joined Team Akrete, I was the Director of Programs at a national commercial real estate firm for over 15 years.

What do you think sets Akrete apart from other PR firms?

Akrete has a very personal touch. Every client that works with us gets immaculate attention.  Clients have a true partner with Akrete, from their first consultation to their weekly updates and the recommendations Akrete offers its client to  better their business.

What do you do when you hit a creative block?

My best remedy is to get out of my own head. Oftentimes, that means changing my environment: going to the gym, taking a walk, or meeting with friends and talking.  Sometimes bouncing ideas around with friends from different industries can get me over that creative hump.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to someone trying to enter the public relations industry?

Live and learn, right? There are actually two things I feel are essential for any person starting out in PR.  Number 1: Listen more, talk less. So many graduates jumping into their first gig are so filled with that  first job exuberance that they share everything they know to anyone. Avoid this pitfall.  You will gain far more credibility and respect by listening more than you talk. Number 2: Cultivate a passion; something outside of public relations. Bringing your other passion into your field will make your work more creative and meaningful.

Cool project you have worked on in the past:

While working at The Alter Group, I co-created the company’s 50th-anniversary campaign. The yearlong campaign reached over 2000 clients and included the creation of a branding program that produced 3 new brochures and a final event at the Chicago Historical Society that attracted over 400 attendees producing 2 company videos.  The direct mail campaign generated over 1300 responses and a 48% jump in traffic to the company website.

A quote you live by?

“Life is change. Growth is progress.”

What do you like to do with your spare time?

I like to keep myself busy.  That means taking new classes to sharpen my skills and learn new ones, going out with my friends and, at times, finding new adventures.  I also love to travel whenever I get the time.

Some fun facts about yourself?

I’m trilingual.  I speak Russian, French and English.  I won a scholarship to study in Russia for 6 weeks; as one of 8 other students from the United States.  I’m a certified Zumba instructor.  And I’ve “gotta guy” for everything…. Really.  Everything.  From home repairs to that perfect backdrop for a step-and-repeat.  You name it, I’ve got somebody for the job. 

What’s your favorite book?

The Alchemist.  I love its simplicity.

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