Morgan Sweeney

Associate Account Executive








Morgan’s passion for informed communication strategy is rooted in her curiosity in emerging industries, and how the intersections of quantitative research and data analysis can be used to enhance communications for her clients. With six years of marketing experience, Morgan relies on a diversified foundation of experience to inform her work from a holistic perspective across multiple industries, including commercial real estate and cannabiz. With previous marketing positions such as the Auckland Writers Festival and Youth Action Coalition/aWare Arts Collective, Morgan understands how to engage different communications strategies to maximize brand efficacy positively in given communities. Recently graduated from Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Entrepreneurship, Morgan’s diversified background informs her work on communication and advertising strategies, digital marketing and research, content creation, event promotion and much more. Born and raised in Evanston, IL, Morgan has been with Akrete since 2014 as an intern and recently stepped into the role of Associate Account Executive.

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