Morgan Sweeney

Associate Account Executive


Q&A with Morgan Sweeney

Morgan’s passion for informed communication strategy is rooted in her curiosity about emerging industries, and how the intersections of quantitative research and data analysis can be used to enhance communications. With six years of B2B and B2C marketing experience, Morgan relies on a diverse foundation of professional experiences to inform her work across multiple industries, including commercial real estate and cannabis. With previous marketing positions at the Auckland Writers Festival and Youth Action Coalition/aWare Arts Collective, Morgan understands how to engage different communications strategies to maximize brand efficacy. A graduate of Hampshire College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Entrepreneurship, Morgan’s diverse background informs her work on communication and advertising strategies, digital marketing and research, content creation, event promotion and much more. Born and raised in Evanston, IL, Morgan has been with Akrete since 2014 and joined the team full-time in 2018.

What is your favorite part of working in PR?
My favorite part of working in PR is the perspective to understand how news events are shaped. After I entered the field of PR, I learned a lot about how the tone of a news story can be affected by different parties’ interests, and the light in which they want an event to be painted. I really enjoy creating informed strategies to promote my clients’ brands through different digital avenues such as advertising, social media and political communications.

If you could drink with anyone from history who would it be?
I’d really like to have a drink with Janelle Monae, because I really enjoy and respect her ability to engage intersecting artistic medias and communicate her messaging in an accessible manner to her fans.

What do you when you are facing a creative block?
When I’m facing a creative block, I like to first take a step back to separate myself from the specific detail of the problem and contextualize it in the larger scope of the project. If that doesn’t work, I like to turn to the people besides me and ask for their creative input. I really value the ability to work in a team setting and collaborate with my professional community.

One piece of advice you would offer to someone trying to enter the PR industry?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the people around you. If I’ve learned one thing about PR and Marketing, it’s that everyone here has different experience and expertise to bring to the table.

How long have you been working in PR?
I’ve been working in digital marketing since 2013, when I started as an online researcher and website editor.

What is a song to describe your work ethic?
“Workin’ Woman Blues” by Valerie June.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? etc…
In my free time I like to create multimedia visual art, attend local Chicago concerts, and travel around America on road trips with my husband.

What is your favorite book?
Post Moxie by Julia Story.

What are three interesting facts about you?

  • I come from a very large Irish Catholic family where I have more than 20 cousins.
  • I spent fourteen years as a competitive figure skater in Illinois and throughout the Midwest.
  • I really love Chicago. I was born and raised in Evanston, and now I live in the city. It’s my favorite city in the world!

Quote you live by and why?
”It is one thing to be good at what you do, and it is another thing to be good and bold enough to have fun while doing it.” – Hanif Abdurraqib

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