Kellie Pellechia

Senior Consultant, Content Development




Kellie has worked with a variety of professional and financial services firms over the past 13 years, helping them develop and execute thought leadership campaigns. Her writing, which has appeared in national business and trade journals, has covered a wide range of topics including HR/workplace issues, risk management, healthcare, retail and energy. She was formerly a public relations firm senior leader, managing and developing content for global firms such as BDO, Hay Group, MetLife and Tillinghast (part of Towers Watson). Kellie now works with a variety of clients as a freelancer. Kellie also went hang-gliding through the Alps, jumped off a cliff in Jamaica, and secretly wants to be a comedy writer. To learn more about Kellie check out her Q&A.  


Q&A with Kellie Pellechia

 What’s your favorite part of working in public relations?

What has always drawn me to the industry is that you are constantly learning new things, whether it’s about your client or new industries or new marketing tactics/technology, there is a constant flow of new ideas.


If you could drink with anyone from history who would it be?

Gilda Radner, she was an old-time SNL comedians. I love comedy and I feel like she broke a lot of ground.  She was intelligent and hilarious. Given her interactions with many of the comedy greats of our time, I think she would be full of interesting stories.


 What do you when you are facing a creative block?

I try to give it a little space and go for a quick walk or focus on something else for a while.  Once you tune it out, it allows room for something to creep to the surface.


One piece of advice you would offer to someone trying to enter  the public relations industry?

Look for a place that gives you the opportunity to be creative and experiment.  Look for a mentor or boss or leader that understands business and is respected by their peers. Surround yourself with positive and creative influencers.


How long have you been working in public relations?

I have been working in the public relations industry since 2009. Initially, I worked with consumer-focused companies,  but I’ve spent most of my time in the B2B world.


How would you describe working for a large public relations firm compared to one like Akrete?

I have always worked for smaller to midsize firms.  I feel like working for a smaller firm gives you more opportunity to be creative and take on more responsibilities.  It allows you to get deeper into the business of the clients you work with.


 What is a song to describe your work ethic?

“Taking Care of Business”

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? Etc. 

I love rock music like the Black Keys, and really enjoy going to concerts.  I also am a huge stand-up fan, so I frequent comedy shows.


What is your favorite book?

The Da Vinci Code


What are three interesting facts about you?

I consume more pretzels than the average human; it has long been my go-to snack food. I love comedy so my secret desire is to be a comedy writer.  In my more adventurous days, I went hang-gliding in the Alps and jumped off a cliff in Jamaica.


Quote you live by and why?

Maya Angelo: “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” I consider myself to be an empathetic person and am sensitive to how others feel about and react to things. As a communications professional, I obviously believe the spoken word is important; but at the end of the day, it’s actions that speak most loudly. I think that’s true both of people and of corporations.

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