Aaron Lewis

Associate Account Executive

Q&A with Aaron Lewis

A graduate of the Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Aaron has honed his writing, media relations and social media skills in both the university setting and through work experiences in Chicago and abroad.Aaron has participated in multiple client projects since joining Akrete, including media relations and content creation for real estate and proptech publications. Aaron has worked with clients in the commercial real estate, financial services and proptech industries.

What is your favorite part of working in PR?
My favorite part about working in PR is getting to learn so many things in such a short amount of time. I work best in a fast-paced environment and learning new things is one of the main reasons I got into writing and journalism in school. The fact that being in PR allows me to venture into different fields for specific industries grants me the opportunity to learn brand new things every day and that’s something that I look for in a job.

If you could drink with anyone from history who would it be?
I would get a drink with the rapper Nipsey Hussle. That man was such an incredible inspiration, not just to me but to the global community. His passion meant more than just a drive to achieve great things in life – it was backed by purpose to make the world around him a better place. I see a reflection of myself in that man and that’s why it’s so easy to be inspired by him and his music.

What do you when you are facing a creative block? 
I don’t run into too many creative blocks but on the off chance I do, I have a self-reflective system which helps me consistently track my progress and experiences. So anything related to creativity or learning a new skill, I always reflect and write down how that experience has impacted me. I do this in many ways, whether it is taking a look at my day-to-day accomplishments and future goals or comparing it to my past experiences. The process really helps me keep track and figure out where I went wrong and how I can improve for future endeavors.

One piece of advice you would offer to someone trying to enter the PR industry?
I am new to the PR industry so a piece of advice I can offer just from past experiences would be to learn to relate to people as best as you can. PR is, of course, a lot of writing and content curation, but what is really important is the ability to understand how people think, feel and perceive the content you produce. If you don’t have that down, your PR attempt will be ineffective.

How long have you been working in PR?
This is my first job working in PR.

How would you describe working for a large PR Firm compared to one like Akrete?
The organizational structure and office culture, I assume, is different at large PR firms compared to Akrete. Here at Akrete, you get to know the whole team. It is kind of like a family environment and the trust here is strong, and because you are interacting with one another every day, it’s much more personalized.

What is a song to describe your work ethic?
Honestly, the songs that allow me to work harder have nothing to do with work; the lyrics are insignificant in comparison to the beat. The beat of a song is more important to my workflow, it puts me into a momentum that helps me get my work done efficiently. One example of these kinds of beats is one of my favorite songs that I listened to while at Northwestern to get my work done, “Complex Simplicity” by Teedra Moses.

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? etc… 
I love going to the gym, I love to dance and I am pretty proficient at video editing and producing. I try to go to the gym at least 6 times a week, I try to dance at any moment I can, and I am currently working on a documentary called “The Pride Documentary.”

What is your favorite book? 
Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond. It dares to tackle the question of what enabled European colonization of the Global South. The reality is, it was just a matter of geographical luck, availability of numerous, high-yield crops and proximity to beasts of burden, as well as technological diffusion that has had a major impact on the progression of history.

What are three interesting facts about you?

  • I have worked and studied in South Africa.
  • I am deeply into good skin care.
  • I qualified for the state debate tournament in high school.

Quote you live by and why?
A quote I live by is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s “two hands” philosophy. It’s based on his work inside the gym, which he calls the “Iron Paradise.” The “two hands” philosophy represents the concept of your bare ability to lift the weight in the gym and finish your work, no matter the extent of damage or fatigue your body is experiencing. I extend it to my own life where I contemplate the extent of my own abilities when stripped to my bare assets – my mind and my two hands. What would I be able to do if I had no resources, no outside aid, no networks and no solid footing?

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