PROMOTE and Connect

Your thinking, strategically broadcast.

Connecting with highly segmented business audiences is about who you reach, not how many.  It’s essential to understand each player, and masterful timing is a must. Whether we’re expanding impact across or traditional social media, attracting new customers with custom content marketing strategy, or arming executives for a show-stopping panel presentation at the industry’s hottest conference, we orchestrate opportunity for maximum impact.

Our specialties include:

  • Social Media:
    When saying less is saying more, you’ve got to get the right message to the right people, fast. We are masters at distillery, poised to craft a campaign that not only contributes to trending topics, but also initiates them.
  • Content Marketing:
    How can a specialty publication, brochure or online video delight new customers and inspire loyalty in your base? With the opportunity to integrate brand perception research into targeted, creative campaigns, we not only entice customers: we usher them to your door.
  • Special Events:
    Landing a panel seat at an industry conference is not the end result: it’s the beginning of your chance to increase influence. We start by linking you to meaningful conference organizers, potential sponsors, and high-value attendees—then we arm you with the tools to connect with your audience, before, during and after the curtains close.
  • Public Relations/Media Relations:
    Newsflash: Reporters want their story to make top billing—and with a collective century nurturing relationships with the media, our vets can help them do just that. From ready-made infographics to curated pitching, we provide the means for editors to breathe life into your story.

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Recent Work:

Akrete regularly goes beyond traditional media outreach, creating opportunities by integrating content creation and thought leadership promotion.

Clients Delighted: 

“It’s good subject knowledge that links the client’s people with the reporters because Akrete knows the reporters and what they usually do. I think that knowledge gives great confidence to the clients—that they can speak, that they are well-briefed. That they are going to have a generally good experience.”
~Susan Reisler, Vice President, Media Profile and supervisor of Team Akrete’s work on a real estate investment management firm’s public relations program (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)