PLAN for Growth

When the competition gets rough, we help you win.

We make your story shine brighter than the other stars, and stand out. With expertise in high-level program development and a flair for making strategic recommendations that promote growth, we help organizations define potential. Furthermore, we outline the steps needed to achieve success. From public perception campaigns to reshaping employee and external communications, our integrated teams specialize in:

  • Market Positioning:
    When your company or business line seeks an advantage over competitors, you need data on market perception and competitive positioning—and then some. We analyze relevant data to recommend a clear pathway to perception improvement, and together implement promotional strategies that build market-share.
  • Change Management:
    Achieving successful change is 90 percent communications. Too often, businesses allow program management routines to outweigh the words and images we use to engage people. We know that making information relevant and accessible, by favoring visuals and infographics over lengthy verbiage, is key to winning the battle for hearts and minds.
  • Communications Strategy and Training:
    The Boy Scouts were right—when an opportunity to connect arises, it’s important to be prepared. Whether it’s a key trade show or an entire company’s approach to communications, we create strategic, incremental plans that lead you to success in the big initiative.


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Clients, Delighted:

“We worked with Akrete on a large business transformation and reorganization, including all the strategic communications. (Akrete is) very much a business partner, a thought partner—and gets things done.”
 ~ Annette Hazapis, Senior Executive, KeyBank (Cleveland, Ohio)