North Face Planting its Roots in Denver and Sustainability

Akrete’s clients are shaping tomorrow’s workplaces—and they’re doing it today. Individuals in the modern workforce naturally move toward companies that hold the same values that they cherish in their own personal lives and boast workplace cultures reflective of their individual image and lifestyles. When looking for new cities and facilities to relocate to, corporations are starting to follow the same thinking, and real estate investors are choosing the locations, and creating the environments, that attract and retain talent.

Last month, VF Corporation, the North Face parent company and global leader in outdoor apparel, pinpointed the city of Denver and Akrete client Bentall Kennedy’s LEED Gold Certified building (pictured above) as the perfect embodiments of its corporate values and culture.

In planting itself in a progressive, green-centric city like Denver, VF is firmly rooting itself quite literally in sustainability, and bullishly projecting long-term growth for not only their outdoor brands; but for an outdoor, eco-conscious culture to continue to find new peaks in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.


Read more about this news in media coverage from The Denver Post.

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