Global Economic Development

Economic development: Make an impact.

Jobs. Regional economic momentum. Industry cluster and entrepreneurship growth. Fostering economic development is complex, and requires your destination to find its voice. We can help you strike the right tone and reach strategic audiences—achieving results that are meaningful to the people in your communities.

For many global destinations, visibility to U.S. investment decision makers is essential for growth, whether promoting cross-border trade or attracting FDI. Team Akrete’s track record with jurisdictions such as Ontario, Canada and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise demonstrate the impact that is possible.

As your economic development “SWAT team,” we help build credibility, raise awareness and nurture relationships with leaders in industries key to your economic strategies.

In industries as diverse as biotechnology and manufacturing, to renewable energy, financial services and ICT, we articulate growth stories for business-friendly investment destinations.

Bottom line: we connect business messages with leaders that can move investment to your country, region or city and increase cross-border trade.


Clients Delighted: 

“Akrete is very strong on targeting in order to be effective. Their media relations team is excellent at targeting the right media as opposed to blasting out -they know how to select specific outlets and specific reporters as opposed to categories.”
~David Wills, Senior Vice President, Media Profile, and Program Manager, Ontario, Canada Ministry of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure International PR Program, 2011-2015 (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)




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