No topic is too “nerdy” for us; we marry the expertise of our focus industries with the business interests of their clients. In this case, our clients in commercial real estate shares thoughtleadership with a life sciences audience.

Every year, we ghost-write numerous blogs for our clients that highlight their expertise and research. In this case, we took a research report and ghost-wrote a blog post, accomplishing multiple goals with a single piece of content, including:

  • Reached the audience of this key trade publication; and

  • Featured the expertise of the author; and

  • Brought the research to a new audience; and

  • Highlighted the expertise and thought leadership of the firm.

To find out more check out the post below:

New Biophilia


Sought-after consultants have sought-after thinking, but they don’t always have time to write it all down. Akrete helps make consulting blogs and marketing case studies impactful.

When our clients in the IT industry identified a need to have regular blog posts, we began working with them consistently over a few years to publish with as much frequency as possible. On an ongoing basis, we help them increase the frequency of their content sharing by listening to the consultants, ghost-writing the posts, and in the process, bringing their expertise to a larger audience.


Below is an example of one of these blog posts:


burwood for da site





Content marketing is in our blood. We work with our clients to create a sense of immediacy for their thought leadership.

For some firms, writing a white paper means starting from scratch. With our industry knowledge—in this case of the financial services industry—we are able to take a short conversation, do independent research, and then create a ghost-written piece that brings out the best thinking of our clients.

Your thinking, your voice— combined with our time and writing skills.

Below are a couple examples:

Keybank whitepaper can you sell... for recent work


keybank otra vez